Have you ever produced a bumper crop? Isn't that a problem, when you harvest more than what you COULD sell?

Meet farmr, the marketplace that sells your produce directly to the consumer or retailer. You can sell all of your crop, or just what is left over. farmr app is like a money faucet. You turn it on when you need money, and turn it off when you don’t. You have full control over how much you sell, what you sell, when you sell, and how much you sell it for.  

We are in the mission of connecting people in the communities who love organic food, with the farmers who produce sustainably and ethically. If selling 100% of your harvest at full price sounds like something you want to know more about, just answer these few questions and see how it is of a benefit for you. 

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We also rent unused farm land. Do you have unused farm land not earning money that you might be interested in renting to people who want grow vegetables or raise live stock?