about farmr

My Grandma once told me that soul food tastes so good because Grandmas put their soul into their food. 

Have you ever had a meal where you could taste the love? I HAVE...

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I am the proud son of a farmer. My father was a hard-working man who labored 14-15 hours a day to tend to our small family farm. Some nights it was necessary for him to go into the fields at midnight to care for the crops, and while he was there in the darkness he had to fend off poisonous snakes. It was hard work, and oftentimes dangerous. But my father believed in his mission of feeding our community, and I watched him pour his heart and soul into each harvest. My most vivid memory was the amazing taste of fresh food just pulled from the earth. There is nothing like fresh produce, you can taste the vitality and the nutrients. It is healing for the body, mind and soul. I deeply admire my hard-working father, and his unwavering commitment to safe, fresh and nutrient-rich food stays with me today. 

When I grew-up, I wanted to support local farmers and purchase fresh food directly from them. I knew how little the wholesalers paid my father for his harvest and how much they marked it up to sell it to the store.


I thought, if I could connect farmers directly to the consumers, the farmers would finally get the price they truly deserved for the beautiful food they produce. Plus, the consumer would get much fresher food and maybe at a better price. I thought there must be other people, like me, who truly care about the quality of food they eat, and they would like to support family farms at the same time. So, I created Farmr. 

With Farmr, I think of myself as a matchmaker. I match people who care about fresh food with the farmers who put their love and soul into their crops.

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I hope you enjoy meeting the farmr and spreading the love :-)